Benefits of EPOXY STONE:

  • Old Surface Does Not
    Have To Be Removed
  • Distinctive Appearance
  • Does Not Grow Mildew
  • Stain Resistant
  • Anti Slip
  • Short Installation Time
  • Variety of Colors


EPOXY STONE is a unique and very durable overlay consisting of natural fine river rock and high strength epoxy. The mixture is carefully hand troweled to a 3/8” thickness and creates a distinctive look that enhances the appearance and value of any home. Uneven areas can be leveled out to eliminate potential tripping and falling. Various combinations of stones allow you to choose the color which blends in best with your house and landscape. Colors can be combined to form borders and artistic designs.

Fast and Clean Installation
Most jobs are installed in one day. The next day you can walk on it. For driveways it takes five days to drive on it. We guarantee a clean installation with no harm to your existing landscaping and no mess left behind.

Anti-Slip, Mildew and Stain Resistant
Here in the Northwest wet and slippery surfaces are a major concern. EPOXY STONE is a porous product that allows rain to pass through the surface and drain off with the existing grade to eliminate puddling and mildew growth. To insure good traction we disperse a fine silica sand over the fresh Epoxy Stone surface before it hardens.

Durability and Maintenance
Our high-quality epoxy has passed the test of time. Freezing water does not displace the stone. Any dirt or pine needles may be washed off with a hose or leaf blower. For a thorough cleaning we recommend a pressure washing at least once a year. With a recoat of epoxy applied with a paint roller every three years, you can enjoy the installation for a lifetime. On interior applications a vacuum cleaner and damp mop is usually enough. For a deeper cleaning we recommend a thorough rinse and a shop-vac or carpet cleaner.

Our Epoxy Stone has a 2 Year Warranty on materials and workmanship.

For more information about the product go to the FAQ page.


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Here we resurface the sidewalks in the City of Port Orchard, WA, North Bay Street. More about this project see page: Public/Commercial Work



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