Stone Colors:

These are some of the many different stones and sizes you can choose from. More than 18 combinations of color and texture allow us to create designs and borders. All the stones are natural and have earthy colors. They blend in niceley with the landscape and enhance the appearance and value of any home.

The epoxy - beside beeing the bonding agent - brings out the natural color of the stone and leaves a shine on the surface.

Roan River
  Roan River/Ebony
75 %Sunset/25% Mini Pearl
  50% Cantina/50% Mini Pearl
  50% Roan River/50% Rainbow
50% Rainbow l/50% Sunset
50% Ebony/25%Cantina/25 Mini Pearl
50% Roan River/25% Cantina/25% Ebony
  50% Multi Flint/50% Sunset
50% Sunset/50% Rainbow
  75% Roan River/25% Coral
75% Ebony/25% Mini Pearl
  50% Ebony/50% Sunset
50% Rainbow large/50% Rainbow
Ebony large